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Blackriver Mystery. Hidden Objects

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"Blackriver Mystery. Hidden Objects" is a new game in which you have to try on the role of a mystical detective, the one who is destined to restore the town from the ruins and solve its mystery. Here you will find a lot of interesting quests, unique collections, popular mini-games (such as three-in-a-row, wheel of fortune and others).

It's time to solve the riddle of Black River, detective!

Main features of the game:
- the need to rebuild the city from the ruins;
- search for items in the most beautiful locations;
- an intriguing plot;
- monsters;
- fascinating puzzles and mini-games;
- ominous anomalies;
- search for items like a real detective;

Explore locations, find the most difficult items following an interesting plot. Play three-in-a-row and use boosters. The fate of the whole city is in your hands!

Good luck, Detective.





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