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Peters Car Race

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Peter`s Car Race is a challenging car racing game. But Peter`s Car Race is still easy to control. Easy to steer with 2 keys on your keyboard. Or with two touches on your mobile device.
So you can concentrate on fast driving.
Peter`s Car Race is a 3D time trial race, which means you drive your racing car as fast as you can around the race track.
In Peter`s Car Race you have to solve 4 qualification levels:
Level 1 = Drive 1 lap under 25 seconds to reach the next level
Level 2 = Drive 3 laps under 1:15 (minutes:seconds)
Level 3 = Drive 5 laps unter 2:00
Level 4 = Drive 8 laps under 3:00 to become a champion

In this amazing time trial racing game time is measured from the start/finish line to the start/finish line. In minutes:seconds:miliseconds.

Will you succeed?
And what is your fastest time after 8 laps in Peter`s Car Race?
Find it out.
Enjoy this racing game.
Enjoy Peter`s Car Race right now.

Easy Controls to enjoy the game:
On a PC: Use the left and right arrow key to steer left/right.
On a mobile device: Touch somewhere in the left half or in the right half of the screen to steer left/right.
That`s it!





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