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Screw Puzzle - Nuts and Bolts

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Welcome to Screw Puzzle - Nuts And Bolts, where really difficult puzzles await! ???

Immerse yourself in a maze of twisted iron sheets and plates, pinned with discarded bolt pieces and rings, presenting an epic and complex puzzle match.

Screw Puzzle - Nuts And Bolts is a pin puzzle game which actually requires player dexterity and creative solutions. The rule is simple: unlock the screw holes on the product in the correct order to make the metal plate fall down. So simple yet so interesting.

Get ready to train your brain and relax. Download Screw Puzzle - Nuts And Bolts for FREE now.

If you enjoy playing knot-solving games like twisted and tangle puzzle, pull the pin puzzle,... you will enjoy the Nuts and Bolts challenge too.

As a seasoned technician, skillfully unblock screw puzzles and untangle each twisted iron piece from the jigsaw of obstacles.

Navigate through carefully crafted levels, facing a mesh of tangled metal plates, rings, and ropes at every turn.

??? How to play Screw Puzzle - Nuts And Bolts Game:
- Untangle the twisted and tangle ropes and free the iron pieces to experience the intricate yet rewarding world of Nuts & Bolts
- Reset the level at any time if you are stuck
- No time limit! Feel free and relax playing this twisted and tangle game
- One finger control, use just one finger to solve the screw puzzle, easy like pull the pin!
- Unlimited levels, lots of challenges with easy and hard mode.
- Some levels introduce metal art created from metal plates, while in others, you will use a handsaw to cut these plates and expose more holes to pin your bolts.
- You can see the appearance of bombs, handsaw... on different levels, use these tools with your creativity to solve nuts and bolts puzzles.

Do you want to join the new challenge after twisted and tangle puzzle, pull the pin puzzle?





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