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Zombie coming - roguelike siege

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Zombie coming: roguelike siege is a game where you need to defend against hordes of zombies by using all your skills, mines, barriers, and turrets.

Use mines and other stuff to stop zombies who are coming. Placing mines and barriers on the field to build the line of defense. Only they are helping you to defend yourself. It would be best if you used tactics to make mines more effective at killing zombies.

Every surviving day you will get the reward. Choose wisely. Listen! They are coming!

Use unique hero skills. They are helping to defend. Hero can call for an excavator which crashes into the crowd of zombies and pulls them like splinters in different directions or can throw a bunch of small bombs on the field.

Defeat all types of zombies. They are small and big, fast and slow, flaming and icy. Try to survive in this mess.

Try all the tactics you can imagine. Build the line of defense in your own style.





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